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So, why a Kickstarter campaign for Quantum Chess? I have spent the last two months assembling a team of professional game developers to turn the playable prototype seen in Anyone Can Quantum , into something that has a fighting chance of making a difference in our understanding of the physical world at a fundamental level. More importantly, I want to create something that is mind-bendingly fun to play! I am passionate about this game! I believe it is a good first step toward redefining how we perceive the "magic" of quantum mechanics, as illustrated by the incredible concepts of quantum superposition and quantum entanglement. I hope you will find this journey through the quantum realm as exciting as I do! Thank you for nerding out with me. Ah yes, I almost forgot. For your viewing pleasure, here is Anyone Can Quantum .

Weezer - Alive QuantumWeezer - Alive QuantumWeezer - Alive QuantumWeezer - Alive Quantum