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R Draconis is a red Mira-type variable star with a period of about 8 months. Its average minimum magnitude is approximately , and its average maximum magnitude is approximately . It was discovered to be a variable star by Hans Geelmuyden in 1876. [4]

Orbach fond a way to harvest parts from dolphins that had died from natural causes -- whole penises and vaginas, specifically. Then, as God shrieked in the background, she would blow that stuff up like NSFW meat balloons and start playing Squish 'n' Smash. A few CT scans later, and she had a fairly accurate model of dolphin sex and the hypothesis that females have the ability to actually redirect a dong internally so as to effectively choose paternity after the fact . Regret sleeping with a guy mid-coitus, you adorable porpoise? No problem! Just send his wang down a dead end street.

‘ No,’ I said. ‘I’ve spent all this time analysing the demographic profiles and filmographies of ten thousand adult performers. There is a difference.’

5 Stars - Deep And Real5 Stars - Deep And Real5 Stars - Deep And Real5 Stars - Deep And Real